Photography Print

Discover our highest-quality Canon printing paper; Matt perfect for black-and-white photography. For colour-rich images, you cannot get better than our superior Glossy-finish paper; ideal for portrait and landscape shots. Textured papers are ideal for paintings, graphics and museum or gallery prints. Try a brilliant white satin paper that gives a real sense of elegance and emphasizes the details of a print.

Contact us to specifiy your needs and find the perfect size for your images.





Our professional fine art prints are unmatched in quality. We provide access to a wide range of media to print your ideal photographs on. Choose from a variety of standard sizes ready for framing or tailor the design to your specific size requirements.  Getting the paper right is highly important, so let us know which type of image you’re looking to print and we can give you our professional opinion.

Some of the best Canon media

  • Platinum Series
  • Pro Luster Paper
  • Heavyweight textured Canvas



 Canon Media Price List


Canon Matt or Gloss 130 gsm (£)

Canon Satin /130gsm(£)

Canon Premium Gloss 130gsm(£)

4″ x 6″2.853.604.60
5″ x 7″3.454.605.80
8″ x 10″5.957.8010.00
10″ x 12″7.258.9011.00
11″ x 14″7.8510.0012.60
12″ x 16″8.8010.8013.00
16″ x 20″14.4017.8022.60
20″ x 24″21.8919.0030.00
20″ x 30″26.0030.0039.00
30″ x 30″39.0042.0058.00
30″ x 40″52.4059.0079.60
40″ x 40″59.4065.0060.00
40″ x 50″59.0789.00110.00
40″ x 60″78.9098.00120.00